Tundish design and design of turbulence inhibition pad by mathematical and water model simulation.  
  Refractory design and installation services  
Total refractory Management  
  Product &  process design and application of synthetic slag for steel refining by computer aided simulation system.
  Product &  process design and application of De-S compound for hot metal
Type of Business
Manufacturing of Monolithics, Precast Shapes, Refractory Mortars, Ramming Masses, Gunning Masses, Dry Ramming Mass, Castable Slags, Refractory Castables, Mortars, High Alumina Mortars & Masses, similar compositions of calcined, fired, Calcium Aluminat, Catalytic Preparations, Synthetic Slags, Alcon Slags, Cupro Nickel, Ferro Alloys of Nickel, Molybdenum, Cobalt etc.
Product Exported ' - Synthetic slag to IRAN, INDONESIA (10% of the Total ' - Monolithics sale)
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