About Us

Refracast Metallurgicals Pvt.Ltd.

Welcome to RMPL, where innovation meets tradition in the journey of excellence. Since our inception in 1995, we've been dedicated to pioneering advancements in the metallurgical landscape. With our roots firmly planted in refractory and R&D-based product development, we've grown to become a name synonymous with industry leadership and environmental stewardship.

Our story began with a vision to revolutionize the steel-making process. By 1997, we had introduced pre-melted Calcium Aluminate Synthetic Slag in India, marking not only a national first but also setting a global benchmark by utilizing the electric furnace melting process. This strategic innovation not only replaced imports but also elevated the standards of secondary steel refining.

As we progressed, our commitment to excellence and sustainability guided our steps. In 1998, we ventured into the production of Ferro Nickel, offering a high-quality substitute for pure nickel imports in the Indian market. This stride continued into the new millennium when we developed Ferro Nickel Moly, a cost-effective raw material essential for SS316, which has since become a cornerstone for the stainless steel industry.

The mid-2000s marked our diversification into the production of Ammonium Para Tungstate (APT) and Ferro Tungsten from unconventional raw materials, further reinforcing our position as innovators and import substitutes. By 2006, RMPL had once again set a new industry standard with the introduction of Calcium Molybdate in steel manufacturing, a product that promises zero dilution effect and unmatched recovery rates.

ZERO WASTE Technology

Our quest for advancement never waned as we entered the next decade. In 2010, we proudly developed Ferro Vanadium, Ammonium Metavanadate, and Vanadium Pentoxide flakes, significantly contributing to the nation's value addition and earning us the status of a Class 1 local supplier.

The following years witnessed our foray into the metal oxide pigment industry, reducing the nation's import deficit by developing crucial raw materials like Nickel Oxide and Cobalt Oxide. Our relentless R&D endeavors bore fruit in 2020 with the introduction of Vanadium Pentoxide of advanced battery storage grade, setting new industry benchmarks.

RMPL stands today not only as a testament to innovation but as a beacon of progress for a sustainable future. We invite you to explore our history, products, and the values that drive us forward. Join us as we continue to shape the steel-making industry, one milestone at a time.